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Client: I Have Nothing To Write On Website and Blogger

One of the question always hear from clients is: “I have nothing to write on website and blogger.” Then they just look at me, expect me to write for them, write high quality articles about their products and industries.

Unfortunately, it’s a bad idea to ask someone to write something which he is not familiar with.

  1. I don’t know your products and industry.
  2. I am not passion on what you do.

Here are a few tips for you to write contents: More…

Cost Per Click vs Cost Per Impression vs Cost Per Action

Posted by , SEO Resume in SEM

For those of you that have been using the Internet as an advertising medium, you know that there are various pricing models available to you. However, there are a lot of people just entering the fray and so I thought I’d take a quick look at the 3 categories that cover 99% of the advertising currently in use. The oldest is the cost-per-thousand (CPM) category. More recently, cost-per-click (CPC) stepped in to the ring and currently, in my opinion, holds the crown for being the most effective. And the newest is cost-per-action (CPA) which is still in its infancy. More…

A few must do in Google Analytics

Setup website goals

A website goal is a high value action that you would like your website visitors to perform. On a content or lead generation site, this could include subscribing to an email newsletter or completing a contact form. On a e-commerce site this could be the completion of a checkout process. You can access goal data across numerous reports within Google Analytics, plus you will have access to goal specific reports under the ‘Goals’ tab. More…

4 Type of people to hire to improve online business

People you should hire are D.A.R.C

D = Digital Citizen

A = Analytical Chops

R = Web Reach

C = Content Creators More…

The Truth About SEO for Small Business

As a small business, you have to control & do all the work yourself in all areas of your business. You are too busy to optimize website or update facebook&twitter. You don’t have a big budget to hire someone to take care you website. But if you are serious about promote your business on internet, below are a few things you should do: More…

Top 10 Bad SEO Ideas

By Eric Enge

The world of Search Engine Optimization is complicated for many reasons. For example, it is well known that the Google algorithm takes into account more than 200 factors in ranking a web page. In addition, search engines treat their algorithms as highly proprietary for two main reasons: (1) they don’t want their competition to know what they are doing, and: (2) they don’t want web spammers to design sites to get rankings that they don’t deserve.


9 Ways To Improve the SEO of Every Website You Design

One of the biggest challenges that online businesses face today is maintaining relevance in the eyes of the search engines, especially Google. With Google controlling more than 90% of the search traffic in the US alone, it’s not surprising that the most important goal of any web-based marketing strategy is to be number one in Google. More…